Once you have been a cadet for a few months you will receive a uniform. But while you wait you are expected to meet the hair standards and wear an outfit we call black and whites. This consists of the following items:

  • White long sleeved dress shirt with collar.

  • This will be tucked in to black dress pants.

  • You will need to wear a black tie (Double Windsor Knot). Please see uniform page if you need to know how to tie a tie.

  • Black dress shoes.

  • If you need to wear a jacket, it must be done up at all times.

Once you receive your uniform, make sure to try it on and that it fits proper. You must label all uniform parts with your last name and initial. You will receive:

  • a wedge

  • a tie

  • a tunic

  • dress shirt

  • pants

  • grey socks
  • boots

  • belt

  • parka

Requests will be for both new and returning cadets and will be submitted online. Measurements should be taken following the uniform measuring guide. Please refer to the following links: